donderdag, april 01, 2004

Humor of Horror 

Uit het schitterende weblog van auteur/acteur Frans van Deursen:


-Hello? Is this the- hallo?!
-Hello? Who speak?
-Ah! This is minister Verdonk from the dutch guverment. Is this the Iraqi autorities?
-Hello? Is very bad connection.
-Minister Verdonk! From the Netherlands! Holland? I want to speak to someone big in Irak.
-I pretty big. Almost 6 foot 3.
-Ah. Good. I have here familie from Koerdistan, mister and missus Abbas. You know?
-No know. Koerdistan no good!
-Yes, but I have here familie and I have to send them back to you because they are eh... how you say... outgeproceed.
-I can not hear. Line still very bad because of war, you know?
-Yes, that is not so nice.
-Also bombing two blocks away. Is lot of noise.
-Ah. But this familie? I cán keep them here, but then you of the Iraqi autorities must proove that you are hunting them.
-Yes. If you send me document that you hunt the Abbas familie because they is bad people or so, thén I can keep them hier. Utherwise, they go back to you. Understand?
-We no time for hunting. Everyday is ah... bombs, you know. People eh... poef!
-So you don't hunt Abbas familie?
-No hunting. Burry, yes. Hunt, no.
-Ah. Allright. Then I send them back to you. Thank you very much. Bye bye.

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